Saving Your Child’s College Fund Takes Guts And Planning

You’ve heard all the bleak stories. Tuition at private universities is now so high that only the superrich and families willing to bury themselves in debt can afford it. Even parents who set their sights on a lower-cost state school can barely manage to save enough to keep pace with college-cost inflation. As they say, the hurrieder you go, the behinder you get.

Saving for your child's future isn't so simple.

Saving for your child’s future isn’t so simple.

Well, it’s time to re-evaluate. The long U.S. economic boom has made postsecondary education more affordable than it’s been in a long time. Jobs are plentiful, and compensation is up. And while rising college costs continue to outpace the increase in consumer prices generally, tuition inflation has cooled to a more manageable 4.5 percent–about half the pace of the early 1990s. Continue reading

Early Diagnosis Can Help You Save On Hard Drive Repair

If you end up in a situation that many of us do and encounter a hard drive crash – especially due to physical damage, it can be really frustrating. The foremost concern in such circumstances is to recover the data on the damaged hard drive. Instead of panicking, you need to take a few simple steps to find out the root cause behind the hard drive failure. Only with proper diagnosis can you expect an effective hard drive repair and recover the data on it.

Know what to do when your hard drive fails.

Know what to do when your hard drive fails.

First of all, you should immediately power off the computer and remove the hard disk from it because using a damaged hard drive any further can worsen your case and even make hard drive repair impossible in severe cases. Hard drives, unfortunately, only last so long

Examine the drive carefully and look for any damaged spots or broken pieces. It makes a huge difference to connectivity if you have a few bent pins. If you have ruled out these possibilities after examination, the next step is to check the data connection cable and power cable for any damage. If the problem lies here, simply replacing the cables is all you need to get going.

Another step you can take for diagnosis is to try attaching your hard drive to an external source of power and if the drive doesn’t work even after this step, you can assume that the circuit board has been damaged and will need to be fixed.

The last diagnostic step you can safely take on your own to make any hard drive repair easy is to try your drive in another computer. If it works, the problem lies with your computer’s motherboard.

Warnings Provided While Trying To Perform The Hard Disk Recovery

Most of the time, you are pretty unlikely to have a valid warranty for performing HDD recovery. The following are some instructions and even warnings about performing the HDD recovery process yourself. This is because data present on the hard drive is much more valuable than the drive itself.

The following instructions can only be considered when you are well versed with computer hardware repair. If you don’t have experience, don’t bother!

You have to understand that the drive repair you perform is tantamount to voiding the warranty. These instructions, of course, are not for data that is logically erased. This article is just for drives that are physically inoperable, but still do have their data intact. You will have to try to find the required spare parts for repairing your older drive, which is really difficult, as often these parts have been discontinued.

Once you have done the checks above and are sure that you have a controller board issue, you’re probably going to have to consider a swap. After checking the controller board and performing the swap, you may face a decent probability that two hard drives may fail, whether you have recovered the data or not. In this case, the two drives should not be reused. Usually, it is better to contact a recovery company that understands regular HDD recovery and even RAID issues (like this one) when your personal efforts fail. Basically, you’re going to need clean room data recovery. Continue reading

Australia’s ETP A Fine Program Worth Considering In The USA

Redundancy is a time for decisions and making choices. Decisions on what to do with your life. Decisions on where to invest your payouts. In making these choices, you need to ensure your financial needs are met, both now and the future.

It is critical that you understand exactly what payments you will receive when you finish a job, what you can do with each of these and the taxation implications. You need to have a clear idea of your priorities.

The most important payment you will receive when you finish work is your Eligible Termination Payment (commonly known as an ETP). This is a lump sum payment you receive when you leave a job which is eligible for special tax treatment. It includes: Continue reading

Why It Is Beneficial to Hire San Diego Internet Marketing Companies

imsdSan Diego is home to several companies that provide internet marketing services to all kinds of businesses. These Internet marketing companies have been responsible for the rising popularity of several businesses in San Diego county. These include a fitness facility, a sports club, an insurance company, and a computer store, among many others.

There are several reasons why using internet marketing services is highly beneficial. First, these companies are well-equipped in terms of manpower to provide the best internet marketing services to clients. They utilize bulk email campaigns that can reach millions of potential clients. They also are major players in social media marketing, which is now considered to be very effective. These companies employ the best people in the field of internet advertising and product promotions. Through their efforts, their clients have become known both offline and online and they have experienced tremendous year over year growth.

Additionally, these companies have established their names in internet marketing as evidenced by the testimonials of their clients whose visibility on the internet as well as overall customer database have increased. Clients are given a free consultation so that the service provider will know what advertising strategy to use. With the help of SEO companies in San Diego like this, business owners can concentrate on making their business grow quicker than ever. Continue reading

Planning Your Pension: Be Smart And Stay Flush

pypbsDefined benefit plans — more commonly called pensions — are typically available automatically to any employee who meets the minimum requirements. Because the employer usually contributes the money to fund the plan, it is usually the administrator — not the individual employee — that is responsible for investing the funds. However, the employee may have representation through a union or through the employer on a committee that makes investment and plan structure decisions.

Unlike defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans are funded by the employee (although, in some cases, the employer contributes matching funds). Most public sector employers offer a 457 or deferred compensation plan, but they also use plans — 403 (b), 401(k) or 401(a) — from other IRS code sections. Continue reading

Staying Strong Through A Downturn

sstaRemember that cash reserve you’re supposed to have for an emergency? The money you always meant to save but never did? For tens of thousands of us, the emergency may be at hand. In the current business downturn, you or your spouse may be laid off. You may lose overtime you’d counted on. Your company may increase the cost of your health benefits or reduce your bonus. You may have to help a child who is suddenly out of work.

Fortunately, the slowdown isn’t expected to be severe. But this uncertain time should serve as a wake-up call for any families living at the edge of their incomes or beyond. Here are some ways to keep yourself safe: Continue reading

Financial Education, Military Style

femsWhat are you doing about personal financial issues in your EAP? Are employee financial problems very significant in your workplace? Are they even recorded? What are the symptoms? Does your payroll department report any employees using garnishment as a form of debt management?

Our experience with the U.S. Navy’s equivalent of a civilian EAP suggests that for every financial problem we see in our Fleet and Family Services Center (FFSC) in Hampton Roads, Va., there are nine more we do not see. Eventually, these nine will make their presence known, often in ways that affect work performance and productivity.

We all know intuitively (and too often from experience) that financial wellness is clearly related to mental, emotional, and physical health. The violent tragedy in Wakefield, Mass., apparently over garnishment issues, is only the most recent brutal reminder of the powerful connection between money and health. Continue reading